Monday, August 16, 2010


I was given recently by my cousin a facebook page by this individual who claims that he is being tormented by the act of fasting, simply because he doesn't believe in it. The hilarious thing of all is how he claims that he is forced into being a muslim (assuming from his mention of 'religion' and 'race' in his identity card) by the government out of sheer ignorance on the government's part of not knowing where to place him in religion and belief. Then, he further fathom about coming up with his own religion, recruiting about 30,000 followers, drafting a book (kitab as he calls it) on the so called religion of his morbid dream, then charging these followers of his tonnes of money for his benefit and later persuading them to commit mass suicide. This is the work of a Malaysian of ours.

Fasting is an obligation is Islam decreed by the Almighty Himself, no question asked. The thing that amazes me sometimes is that, there are those who claim to be Muslim, yet denying God's doctrine on so many things, further accusing of being oppressed by Islam, could sometimes get so worked up over their own mischief. Like how this person with this little ranting of his claims, that eyes watching him eating, text messages from people wishing him Ramadhan Kareem (so to speak) and the act of fasting itself, been irritating him on so many levels, to the point that he feels that he should share it with the world through his facebook.
There is no compulsion in religion. If there is, there will only be Islam all over the world and those who don't fast, for example, will be put to death.

Allah is most loving, most patient, most merciful and often forgiving.

"...And He is the oft-forgiving, full of loving-kindness"
(Holy Quran 85:14)
Islam is not being shoved down our throat yet we embrace it with deep faith in our daily oath, in every prayer, "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad (pbuh) is the messenger of Allah".

"O ye who believe! Enter into Islam wholeheartedly!..."
(Holy Quran 2:208)

He created angels only to worship Him and through His name do His bidding. He created us humans, complete with needs and wants, desires as well as intellect. Nevertheless, compared to the angels who are created not given the luxury of choice, we are given that luxury, to choose whether or not to worship, love and believe in Him, and regardless what the choice is, He still gives to both believers and unbelievers.

Back to this fellow. Now, why is he so worked up over fasting again? Anybody put a gun to his head and tells him to fast? I tell you one thing for sure. He managed to make me smile today. Close to laughing actually simply because I see a man, who is aware that him not fasting is wrong yet he still chooses not to because well, let's face it, doing the wrong thing is always so much easier and more fun compared to doing the right thing and instead of being angry at himself, he chose to be angry at the ones who fast. Funny how things work out. Here I see the glory of Allah Himself. Proving once again, that He is Almighty, for just by being the Exalted One, he managed to make a puny human being who mocks Him ended up tormenting himself. I am pretty sure that right now and until God knows when, he will keep ranting to himself over something that he does with the illusion that there are others out there to get him for that. In conclusion...

Here is a clipping from his facebook.

It's quite hard to read but I'm sure you can find him. One of God's creations.
To the others who ARE fasting, don't get all worked up like him. If you come across his rantings, just remember that "NOBODY PUTS A GUN TO YOUR HEAD AND TELLS YOU TO FAST".
I think, if anything else, he should be the one to leave us alone!
Now I'm laughing!